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This page is a web log showing a BugE being converted to a fully enclosed Streamliner

For comparisons to other BugE's, or if you'd like to benchmark other electric vehicles visit .

The BugE is a three-wheeled, battery-electric, one person vehicle designed by Mark Murphy at Blue Sky Design in Creswell, Oregon. The BugE is sold as a kit and is assembled by the end user. It is intended to be licensed as a three-wheeled motorcycle for use on public roadways at speeds higher than Neighborhood Electric Vehicles.

There is a forum for BugE builders on Yahoo

Chapter 1: Bringing the BugE Home and First Impressions

Chapter 2: Taking the BugE Apart

Chapter 3: Improving Brakes and Steering

Chapter 4: Tilting Seat Experiments

Chapter 5: Tilting Body Experiments

Chapter 6: Improving the Suspension

Chapter 7: Ultra-Light Land Vehicle Safety

Chapter 8: BugE for Sale