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Project Summary: Some Facts, Figures and History (1980-2006)

Range, Cost, Useful Links, etc.

Chapter 1: From Junk Yard to the Road (Spring 2007)

Converting an old gas powered motorycle into a battery powered vehicle.

Chapter 2: Burning Rubber and Silicon (Summer 2007-Summer 2008)

Road Testing and Improving Performance

Chapter 3: Dreams out of the Dustbin (Fall 2008-Summer 2009)

Installing and Testing a Dustbin Fairing

Chapter 4: Building Community (Mid-Ohio TTXGP 2009)

Making New Friends

Chapter 5: Growing a Tail

Building and Testing an Aerodynamic Motorcycle Tail Section

Chapter 6: Starting Over

Concepts for multi-riding positions motorcycles

Chapter 7: Tilting Trike

Tilting Delta Trike Prototype 2 Build

Chapter 8: Vintage Days 2010

Vintage Days 2010 Report

Chapter 9: Oshkosh Air Venture 2010

Benchmarking Aeroplane Construction Techniques

Chapter 10: Building Delta-11

Building the Third Delta Bike Prototype

Chapter 11: The Future

The Future of Electric Vehicles

Chapter 12: The Lightweight Run About

A Modern Honda Supercub?


Note: If you would like to build an electric vehicle, you should visit http://www.austinev.org/evalbum/ to see what other people are working on.

To learn more about the energy consumption of my electric bike CLICK HERE.

To learn about aerodynamic drag forces and fairing designs CLICK HERE

To see some fairings I experimented with CLICK HERE