Areodynamic Testing on a Tight Budget!
This didn't help at all, even though I was leaning on an exercise ball while riding this baby in a race bicycle tuck.

Should I worry that my family members willingly shrink wrap me to the bike?

We called this the "bat bike" because of it's lovely fairing.

This actually worked! I could add more than 10% to my velocity by tucking in behind this spun aluminum cone. I was peering through the clear plastic tape windshield to steer.

Notice the masking tape bracelet. I forgot my log book in the workshop, so I collected data by writing on the "bracelet" with a marker.

Have you ever seen the movie "Men In Black"? Remember the spaceship flown by the "bug"? This one never got on the road, but when you are trying things out, it helps to not be self conscience about your appearance.

This fender didn't seem to hurt my performance. It was stable in some pretty good cross winds.

Can't wait to test my new dustbin fairing Oct 1 2008